Would You Pay $22,000 for a Cat?

Everyone complains about airport security, long lines and delayed flights, but would you take a taxi on a 3,000-mile trip just to avoid all of that? 89-year-old Kathleen Searles would! She has always wanted to see Greece, but hates airports. So, instead of paying only $260 for a flight, she paid almost $10,000 for a three-day taxi ride to see Greece for just four hours!

I understand that people love animals. However, paying $22,000 for a cat seems a little over the top! A company called Lifestyle Pets has introduced a new breed of cats called Ashera, retailed at $22,000 each! The Ashera is the size of a small dog…but not like the cute little ones that you carry in a bag. These guys get up to 30 pounds! If this is the pet of your dreams, check out their Web site at www.lifestylepets.com.

The Spokane Bomb Squad was called to a house where a man was supposedly making homemade bombs. When deputies were arresting the man, he informed them that he had a bomb. Where was this bomb? In his pants! The golf-ball size explosive was cut out of the man’s pants and no one was injured.

Are you a coach or youth group leader? If so, I'd love to hear from you. I was once a fourth grade Sunday School instructor. (There should be a special place in heaven for those who volunteer!) Anyway, my own children were very young and I simply didn't know how to control the nine and ten-year-old boys. The girls would come in, sit down and do whatever the project was. They would listen to the lesson without making noise. But the boys… they were a different story all together. I'd talk to the parents and sometimes their children even ignored them! Have you ever been in a situation where you had to handle unruly children who weren't your own? What did you do and did it work? What about coaches who have a large team they have to control and get to work together? How do you handle kids who misbehave? I would love for you to share your advice. Please e-mail your story to me at e.d.hill@foxnews.com. Thanks!

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