Another Wild Wednesday

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If you missed Wednesday's show you missed a wide swath of topics: I mean we met the Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti of Scotland; talked Joran van der Sloot with his lawyer Joe Tacopina, and Hogzilla: real or fake with the father of the kid who shot the beast. Now that's a show!

I also lent my considerable electronic expertise to Gretchen, who could not figure out how to put her phone on vibrate or retrieve text messages. Somehow we have to find a way for Mrs. Carlson to join us all in the 21st century — and I am just the guy to do it since Doocy really leans on me for everything. (Just kidding, Steve's a computer stud).

Didn't see much of "FOX & Friends First" but The Judge tells me it was a hoot — yet serious when Bill Krystal came on and talked about his friends imprisoned in Iran.

Right after Thursday's show I'm flying to Texas to sign my book, "It's How You Play the Game" in Dallas at Borders. Then it's off to Austin to Fort Hood to meet America's best, brightest and most lethal! After Austin, it's off to Sugarland, Texas. For more info on my book tour, go to Not only can you follow the tour, you can order a personalized book that teaches you not to be a better player but person!


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