Want to Save at the Pump? Make Right-Hand Turns

Sick and tired of the rising cost of gas? Take a tip from the guys in brown — make right-hand turns.

United Parcel Service advises its drivers to make right-hand turns on deliveries to save time and money, WEWS-TV in Cleveland reports, and Joe Sixpack can too.

"I always try to make right turns, especially with gas at $3," said Ray Rivera, a Cleveland-area UPS driver.

With 88,000 trucks on the road, UPS tries to save money wherever it can.

"They'll make right-hand turns only all up the street and they'll try to do the same coming back, especially on major streets," Phil Kane of UPS told the news team.

Angie Lau, a consumer specialist for WEWS-TV, tested the right-hand turn theory to see if veering right can actually help consumers' pocketbooks. Their test found that a right-hand turn trip actually took a bit longer.

Overall, drivers should try to make right-hand turns whenever possible, WEWS-TV advises, taking care to try to drive the shortest distance possible to save gas.

The Luggage in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plane

MADRID, Spain (AP) — More than 20,000 things people left on planes and at airports, including a wedding dress and a pair of rudimentary stilts, were auctioned off Tuesday as Madrid's airport cleared out its lost-and-found department.

The items were divided up into nine lots, such as clothes and jewelry, and prospective buyers submitted bids over a one-week period that ended Monday. Most were merchants who run secondhand stores, said the national flagship carrier Iberia, which organized the sale.

On Tuesday, auctioneers opened up sealed envelopes and announced the winners.

The tokens of travelers' forgetfulness included 6,330 books, 664 toys, 1,570 audio or video gadgets, 38 cartons of cigarettes, several surf boards, a bass guitar, a wedding dress and a pair of stilts with sneakers on the bottom, an Iberia official said.

Spain has held the auctions twice a year since 1942. Proceeds go to the government's Development Ministry.

Neither Iberia nor the ministry had a figure for how much money was raised.

Would You Like NoDoz With That Big Mac?

CAMDEN, Ark. (AP) — A man found asleep in his car in a McDonald's drive-through lane has been charged with drunk driving.

Restaurant employees called police early Saturday morning after waiting 15 minutes for Terrance Forte, 32, to drive from the first window to the second window of the drive-through.

Officer William Mahon's report said he found Forte asleep with the engine running and his right foot on the brake. Forte offered Mahon $10 for his food order when Mahon tried to wake him, the report said.

Forte's blood alcohol level was registered at more than twice the legal limit.

Forte was cited for his third drunk-driving charge and was later released.

A telephone number for Forte could not be found Tuesday, and it was not known if he had a lawyer.

Cereal City's Skyscraper Could Be Yours, If the Price Is Right

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — The owner of the tallest building in this Michigan city is marketing the 76-year-old Heritage Tower in a decidedly modern way.

Art Dore has listed it on eBay.

Dore, who has owned the building since 1994, confirmed the legitimacy of the listing on the Internet auction site. The auction has drawn a lot of interest from potential buyers around the country, he said.

"All they gotta have is money," Dore told the Battle Creek Enquirer.

The auction for the 20-story downtown landmark, constructed in 1931 by Merchants National Bank, is scheduled to end Friday. As of Tuesday afternoon, two bidders had driven up the top bid to $2,000,100.

The listing touts the 149,000-square-foot structure's selling points, including its cathedral-like common area on the second floor, now used for special events; a 34-car, underground parking garage; and retail and office space on the ground floor. It is accompanied by 12 exterior and interior photos of the building.

Dore suggests that with some remodeling, it could house condominiums.

The auction's fine print makes it clear that the winning bid will not necessarily translate into a change of ownership for the building.

"By participating, you are not entering into a contract to purchase this property," a disclaimer on the listing says. "You are, however, expressing serious interest in the property and in pursuing contract discussions."

Dore said it was an easy decision to use eBay to help market the building.

"This is the 21st century," he said. "It's a good tool. It reaches a whole lot of people."

They Hula, Not Shake in Honolulu

Last week, Out There reported on the first international hula conference slated for Nov. 15-17 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu under a headline that didn't sit well with organizer Marnie Weeks.

"'Hip Shakers Flock to Honolulu' is cute, but unfortunately will be seen by our Hawaiian community and hula dancers as quite disrespectful," she writes. "It's part of the attitude about hula which we hope to dispel."

Out There meant no disrespect. Aloha!

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Sara Bonisteel.

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