In Brattleboro, Vermont You Can Legally Walk the Street in Your Birthday Suit

Imagine this: you’re eating at restaurant, and when you glance out the nearest window, your eyes catch a naked, middle-aged man strolling down the block. You probably haven’t witnessed such a scene; but then again, you may not have been to Brattleboro, Vermont! It seems the state has no law, and the town has no ordinance to prevent such an occurrence. Some residents are angry, but until action is taken, the law sides with the nudists.

This may shock you, but a mother who has birthed 13 children (and whose 14th is on the way) has been able to maintain a slender size zero! Just four days after giving birth to her first child, Joanne Watson of Guernsey was already able to slip back into her old jeans. She insists that she does not hold the secret to losing post-pregnancy weight, and even admits to treating herself to burgers and other fatty foods.

Females traveling to Grand Rapids, Michigan no longer have to worry about being hit on by their male traveler counterparts. A J.W. Marriot hotel currently being constructed in the city will feature a women-only floor, as well as a women-only lounge. This innovative idea originated with the fact that “more than half of all business travelers are women,” said Marriot spokeswoman Andrea Groom. Only 30 bucks more expensive, Groom also said that the women-only rooms will feature “special hair dryers, bath products, jewelry holders and chenille throws.”

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