An 'On the Record' First

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Today I have posted our behind the scenes pics from the Republican presidential debate that was held Tuesday in South Carolina. We've also posted the live show we did on the Internet — before and after the debate — so you can watch it.

If you are a loyal fan — a real loyal fan and watched to the end of our live Internet show — you had a surprise at the end of our show. I suppose it was an even bigger surprise for us... someone at the Koger Center where the debate was held and where we did our Internet show pulled the plug about one minute prior to the end of the show. Suddenly, as we were wrapping up we were in total darkness. I never found out exactly what happened, but I heard something about people cleaning up after the debate and shutting down the lights. This Internet show was new to us and I guess we learned something: Make sure that people in the building know you exist.

We got someone to turn the power back on (plug something in?) and then taped a show wrap. I assume that taped wrap was somehow pasted on our show, since it is now going to be posted on the Web for you to watch (if you missed it last night.)

I received some complaints about the audio from our Internet show and we are working on it for next time. The audio was less of a problem for those of you who have external speakers to your computers. But, be assured I got your comments about the audio and we are looking into it. In case you had not figured it out, we are learning.…

Tonight our show is back home at our usual time period and on our usual medium (television). I am curious what you thought of what we did on the Internet last night. If you did not watch it live last night, please check it out today and send me an e-mail.

Before we took off for South Carolina yesterday morning, I went to a quick breakfast at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The speaker was Attorney General Gonzales. It was my first time at the Press Club as a member and it was not dull. Protestors (maybe four?) slipped into the breakfast and yelled at Gonzales as he stood to speak. They yelled for him to resign. They were quickly removed from the breakfast. The attorney general ignored the chaos. It was rather quick, but certainly not unnoticed by all there. I asked other Press Club members if this was common. I was told it was not.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Well, I'd love to watch your show, but I can't find the link anywhere, not on your FOX News page or FOX News home page. I would think they would make it a little easier to find if they're trying to promote it. Are they just stupid or don't they want anyone to watch you?

ANSWER: As noted above, we are learning. I hope this is likewise fixed for next time. I was not able to watch the show so I don't know what the story was about how to find it.

E-mail No. 2

Hey Greta,
I really enjoyed the live coverage on hosted by you. Being 20, it is nice to see something geared toward my age group. Also, the tour of the debate location was nice to see.
Take care,

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
While the concept of an online show seemed awesome, I had difficulty with the connection throughout — and I have a LAN line here with comcast in Virginia. Can you repost it on GretaWire?

E-mail No. 4

It was great listening to the young people with you. Really invigorates one. I couldn't find any way to get a message to you while I was listening to you, so figured it wasn't supposed to happen.
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your 'after' program and what a joy to listen to the young people.
Not sure they'd be interested in hearing from an older woman or not, but thought I would try.
Rita Dexter

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
The volume was finally raised at 6:37 p.m. (PDT). I think it should be raised more, but now it is at an acceptable level.
I liked the "pre-show." Your exchange with former Governor Tommy Thompson about the University of Wisconsin was terrific! And I didn't know that Governor Hucklebee was a rock musician. He should get together with former Governor Bill Clinton, a pretty good tenor sax player. They could form a group called the Little Rock Band!
I think it is really cool when musicians play music.
And, I enjoyed your interview with the FOX News staff member who serves as the stage manager. I don't remember his title or name, but I got a kick out of him placing Senator McCain at Stage Right.
Catch 'ya later, Greta!
Your buddy,
George Spink
Los Angeles, CA

ANSWER: George e-mailed me after the first half hour and we rushed to try and improve the audio for the second half hour and it looks like we had some success.

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