Pit Bulls Cause Mailman to Halt Deliveries to Massachusetts Neighborhood

Dog versus mailman might be a staple of cartoon comedy, but it's no joke for some residents of a Yarmouth neighborhood.

That's because the local post office stopped delivering mail last month to four Lakeland Avenue homes out of concern over a pair of allegedly aggressive pit bulls.

The dogs — Caesar and Halley — are owned by Jerry Marchitelli, who tells The Cape Cod Times that his pets have never hurt a person, although one of them did injure a neighbor's dog last year.

The neighbors are upset about the interruption in mail delivery. A couple of them receive needed medications through the mail.

But a solution appears to be at hand. Marchitelli has agreed to put up a backyard fence to keep the pit bulls penned in.

Until then, South Yarmouth postmaster Peter Dunn says he'll personally deliver the mail to the quarantined homes.

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