Army Issues Stringent New Regulations on E-Mail, Blogs

The Army is cracking down on soldiers who blog about their experiences on the battlefield or want to send a quick e-mail home. New regulations require troops to clear the contents of blog posts and e-mails with a superior officer before sending them out, Wired magazine reported.

The Pentagon has quietly updated is code of conduct regarding acceptable forms of communication on its limited-access Army Knowledge Online intranet. And the regulations aren't just for GIs serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, either. Contractors, civilians who work for the military and even the families of soldiers are subject to the strict limitations.

Read the original Wired report.

Soldiers who serve in warzones are already required to register their blogs with the government, but some writers are afraid the new regulations will effective end the culture of "milblogs."

According to the regulations, failure to comply could subject a soldier to "administrative, disciplinary, contractual, or criminal action" — or even a court-martial.