Report: Pilot John Travolta Lectures on Global Warming

John Travolta encouraged his British fans to "do their bit" to tackle global warming — even while admitting "I fly jets," according to the London Evening Standard.

The 53-year-old actor owns five jets, along with his own private runway. Clocking in at least 30,000 flying miles in the past 12 months means he has produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions.

Travolta made his comments this week at the British premiere of his new movie, "Wild Hogs."

He spoke of the importance of helping the environment by using "alternative methods of fuel" — after driving down the red carpet on a Harley Davidson.

Travolta, a Scientologist, claimed the solution to global warming could be found in outer space and blamed his hefty flying mileage on the nature of the movie business.

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