Griffs Notes 3/30/07

Marine Sgt. David Kopera, 1/24
Since starting this blog around November of last year, I have been blessed with hundreds of great responses at Most of them were supportive – although a few were critical too. So it seems only fit that I should take a moment and share some of them.

Welcome to a new feature that I may institute from time to time called “Mailbag Friday.”

1. Chuck wrote:

I thank you for your inspiring words about Tony Snow
and his faith in God that I read on Fox News this

At a time when I was allowing an illness to 'beat' me,
I needed to read your message...a great reminder.

Thank you so much!


You are welcome, Chuck. Tony is an inspiration and example for many and I hope that by sharing what I know about him will offer hope to others.

2. Miriam wrote:

Thank you for this blog, on this day, for me to read.

You will never know what this means.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Miriam, we are all praying and supporting you in whatever challenge life has thrown at you! Hang in there! Never give up hope.

3. Daniel wrote:

I was just recently made aware of the blogs that you wrote about my brother, Sgt David Kopera. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing about him and his fellow Marines. I am so proud of him and he is an inspiration to all of his family and friends. He is doing well now and is at home with his wife, trying to get his life back to normal. Thank you for telling the stories of David and the 1/24 to the world. Hearing them helps us all keep a perspective on the realities of the war and gives us names and faces for the brave men and women fighting for our freedom.

Daniel, your brother is an American hero. He is truly one the bravest, most courageous men I have ever met. I consider it a tremendous honor to have spent time with him and his fellow Marines of 1/24. What an amazing bunch of guys. They are the best of what America has to offer. And I am humbly proud to call David my friend. Please give him my best and tell him that I greatly look forward to seeing him again someday.

4. Griff wrote:


Like your name dude.


Griff Henshaw

Griff, my sentiments exactly! (And oddly, we seem to have one other thing in common that you can verify with my friends and colleagues – I frequently use the word “dude.” Do you surf?)

That’s it for the inaugural mailbag Friday. Have a great weekend, dudes!

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