Alabama Pastor's Wife Disappears After Attending Christian Conference

Police investigating the disappearance of an Alabama minister's wife at a religious conference in Louisiana over the weekend say there's nothing to indicate that foul play was a factor in her disappearance.

"It's still a possibility and we haven't ruled that out, but I'm making the point that we have nothing to indicate foul play was a factor," Bossier City police spokesman Mark Natale said late Wednesday.

Mary Byrne "Beth" Smith, 30, had been attending Living Proof Live, an evangelical women's conference at the CenturyTel arena in Bossier City. She is the wife of Rev. Jason Lee Smith of the First Baptist Church in Summerdale, Ala.

"This was an extremely large event," Natale told FOX News. "You had thousands of women attending; you had numerous police officers working security there and [we] have not had any information of any kind of foul play — of any kind of abduction — anything like that."

Louisiana police have looked at security tapes from the event, Natale said.

"We have reviewed much of that footage and are continuing to do so in hopes of maybe getting an indication of where Ms. Smith might be," Natale said.

Smith's family said it is out of character for her to disappear and no one has heard from her, Natale said.

A man who answered the First Baptist Church's phone Wednesday declined to comment to on the advisement of investigators.

Smith, the mother of two, was last seen Saturday morning at the conference. Police said she told a friend at 11 a.m. that she was going to the concession stand but never returned to her seat.

The conference ended at noon and the friend waited at her car for two hours and then called police to report Smith missing.

Smith's husband went to Bossier City on Monday to talk to investigators. Police say he returned to Alabama Tuesday.

Natale told FOX News the minister has been ruled out as a suspect.'s Sara Bonisteel and the Associated Press contributed to this report.