Spring Break at 'FOX & Friends'

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It was a diverse effort today as we skated from missing kids to Miss USA to Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

I can see it's Spring Break time because we are getting so may of you coming in from out of town. Today we were thrilled to see people from New Jersey, Dallas and Tennessee outside the window. Look for us to go outside more and more as spring becomes summer!

Soon we will be announcing the winner of our widely successful sweepstakes campaign. We all hope YOU win. As for today's show, it started with a shocker: Ian — our highly respected Camera 1 operator — called Gretchen "Martha." Not good! I forgive him, but I think Gretch needs some time.

Mancow closed the show in his manly manic way and our most intriguing guest had to be Miss USA. With or without the crown, she is a winner: full ride to college, news junkie and a mature 22 year old, very impressive!

Can't wait for the next show as the great Sen. Joe Lieberman joins us for the first time in months. And the awe-inspiring hoopster turned senator turned best-selling author, Bill Bradley, joins us.

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