A self-styled bad boy blogger was dumped from a political Web site in South Carolina for posting disparaging comments about John Edwards' decision to stay in the presidential race following the revelation his wife has incurable bone cancer.

Will Folks, a former spokesman for South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, posted the web log last week and soon after was writing that he had been fired from SCHotline.com, which features links to news articles, opinion pieces and press releases.

Folks' post on his Web site said Edwards was "selfishly continuing his quest" for the presidency and the headline called the former North Carolina senator insensitive.

An official with SCHotline said since Folks recently became part-owner, the post was a reflection on them.

"He just wouldn't compromise with regard to his posts," SCHotline vice president Jeffrey Sewell said. "The Edwards post was over the top."

Folks says he only wrote what was on everyone's mind.

"Sometimes there are consequences for doing that, but I'd rather deal with those consequences than sugar coat something for people," he said.

Folks left the governor's office in 2005, but his departure was overshadowed by a criminal domestic violence conviction. Since then, he has been a fan and critic of the Republican governor, never shying away from a harsh word in his posts.

On March 19, SCHotline heralded Folks as a new part-owner in a news release.

"Will brings a unique blend of perspective, talent and experience to the table," Sewell said then. "He's fresh, funny, controversial and a brilliant writer with access to amazing political intelligence. We're thrilled to have him on board."

Folks post Thursday read: "Anyway, Edwards announced today that he is selfishly continuing his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination despite the fact that his wife's cancer has returned. Uhhh yes, you did read that correctly," Folks wrote.

Sewell said the company would buy Folks' 20 percent of SCHotline, which is worth between $2,000 and $4,000.

SCHotline has no connection to The Hotline, the National Journal's online publication.