New York Dairy Creates Wine-Flavored Ice Cream

A central New York dairy is raising eyebrows with its latest creation — wine-flavored ice cream.

After about two years of product development, Boonville's Mercer's Ice Cream has created ice cream in three different wine flavors: Ala Port Wine, Peachy White Zinfandel and Red Raspberry Chardonnay.

Officials at the small, locally owned Oneida County dairy say the new flavors are finally being scooped up by restaurants in New York City. A marketing consultant for the business thinks they've got a national product on their hands.

The idea originated several years ago when Mercer's officials were working Pride of New York product fairs, displaying ice cream next to their counterparts from area wineries.

But if you want to taste the new confection, better bring along some identification. The ice creams each have an alcohol content of 5 percent and won't be served to minors.