A 13-year-old Georgia student riding a school bus received a β€œwedgie” during a school hazing incident so painful that his mother took him to the emergency room.

WJXT-TV reported that the boy, who wished to remain anonymous, is a member of the Charlton County High School junior varsity golf team. He was riding the bus along with varsity members, who held him upside down.

β€œIt [The wedgie] was so extreme it ripped his boxer shorts in two," said the student's mother, Carol.

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According to WJXT-TV, two older students called the boy to the back of the bus and, in addition to the wedgie, punched the 13-year-old in the groin and stomach β€” all as a part of an initiation ritual.

"He was bent over and couldn't hardly walk. He cried for probably 30 minutes," Carol said.

WJXT-TV reported that the two older teens were arrested and charged with simple battery. Carol said that she does not think the boys meant to hurt her son, but they did. She said she's talking publicly about the incident so other parents and school administrators take notice of similar hazing incidents.

"It's not funny. It went beyond being a funny little prank," Carol said. "Sometimes people don't know when enough is enough, and I think that's what happened here."