Friday Final: What Does Al Gore Have in Common with Sanjaya's Crying Fan?

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We're starting a brand new feature for the end of the week: the Friday Final, a listing of winners and losers for the week.

Here are the winners, and here's why.

Al Gore. Face it, he's got a fish-in-the-barrel issue. Who's going to argue with big Al when he's saving cute polar bears and you are doing terrible things to them?

Elizabeth Edwards. A brave and classy woman, even if you don't agree with the family politics. Yesterday she made a lot of people say, "Pity she can't run."

Knut. Back to the polar bear bit. Believe it or not little Knut survived in the Berlin Zoo despite the fact that animal activist nuts thought he should be left to die when his mother abandoned him. Nature can be cruel, but that's not our job.

Ashley Ferl. All it took was the sight of Sanjaya and she turned into a human waterworks. Girls cried and screamed for Frank Sinatra in the '30s, for The Beatles in the '60s, and now Ashley is the face of teenage adoration in the new century.

Now the week's losers, and my reasons why.

I put Nancy Pelosi on the list because she won today by beating down the far left of her party. Ultimately that is not going to be a winning hand because it just exposes the civil war on the left. Notice how the war has Democrat fighting Democrat?

Jim Cramer. He made a lot of people money, and now he has GE and the SEC looking extra hard to see how he does it. Why? Because he just had to blurt out some of his dirty secrets of manipulating the market on television. Dumb move.

Rosie O'Donnell. Beating up Elisabeth Hasselbeck exposed Rosie as a bully more than anything else. Yes, she is a lesbian. She says so. Yes, she is overweight, and she says that, too. And yes she hangs upside down like a vampire bat, but everybody draws the line at fat lesbian vampire bat bully.

Howard K. Stern. DNA says you're not the daddy, evidently. So Howard K. may now have to scramble to stay on the gravy train. It was good while it lasted, but eventually the facts catch up. And now that it turns out that Anna Nicole died of blood poisoning combined with sleeping pills, he looks like he neglected his meal ticket at just the moment she needed him the most.

That's the Friday Final, "The Big Story's" weekender list of winners and losers.

That's My Word.

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