Reality Check: 'American Idol' Fan on Hunger Strike Until Sanjaya Gets the Ax

Well, it looks like the woman who's going on a hunger strike until Sanjaya gets booted off of "American Idol" is going to be losing some more weight.

Yes, it's true. The Sanjaya haters feel so passionately that the little mop-top should be kicked to the curb that some are even willing to risk starvation to prove their point.

Hunger strike or no hunger strike, the "Fanjayas" did all the dialing necessary in order to keep the guy in the race. None of this would really be that notable if, say, Haley or Gina had gone home.

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Instead, the 30 million Americans who voted threw us some inexplicable curveballs. Chris Richardson, who I thought was universally adored for reasons beyond my comprehension, was relegated to the bottom two while Stephanie Edwards, once considered one of the show's frontrunners, was sent packing.

Though I could spout off a few expletives about how unfair the results are turning out to be, the same probably couldn't be said for Stephanie, who handled the news like a pro.

With her huge beaming smile and enormous hug for the guy who had just bested her, Stephanie could have given Antonella a few lessons in leaving the show gracefully.

Lesson No. 1: Instead of announcing that you are shocked by the results, just flash your pearly whites.

Peter Noone and Lulu, you seemed sweet, but let's be honest, you two were the least exciting of all this season's guests. In the end, it was almost difficult to glean any information about what was going on behind the scenes.

Still, I did my best and I'm here to report that my boy Blake looked particularly relaxed Wednesday night — both in the Ford commercial and while chilling on the stage with Brad Garrett.

Phil looked so stressed out before he was told he was safe that his eyes looked like they were popping out of his head, despite the fact that he was wearing one of his ubiquitous hats and wasn't even singing.

So, what do I expect to happen next week? I say that Chris Richardson will surely abandon the slow, soulful singing he tried last night and be back to bouncing behind the microphone stand.

Blake, Chris Sligh and Melinda will continue to impress and LaKisha will bounce back from her mini-stumble this week. And Phil, Haley and Gina will battle it out for the bottom three.

Oh, in all likelihood, the woman starving for Sanjaya may break down and have a piece of bread or something. After all, how long can she fight fate?

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Anna David is a freelance writer. Her first novel, "Party Girl," is coming out in June 2007 from HarperCollins.