If you're an Gibby fan we've got what you want: An 8" x 10" signed photo of John and "The John Gibson Show" computer wallpaper.

John Gibson Signed Photo:
To download, open the image by clicking the thumbnail to the left, right click over the picture that pops up, and choose "save picture as" in the menu that appears. Once you've saved it to your computer open it in the application of your choice and print. (The document is 8" x 10" at 200dpi.)


The wallpaper image below is available in two resolutions. Pick the one appropriate for your monitor. To download, open the image, right click over it, and choose "set as wallpaper" in the menu that appears. Mac users should save the image to their hard drive and select it as wallpaper using system control panels.

1024 x 768 800 x 600