Cops Catch Dad Accused of Stabbing 11-Month-Old Son, Throwing Him Out Window

A man accused of stabbing his 11-month-old son in the back with a kitchen knife, then throwing the boy out a car window, was caught Friday and will face attempted murder charges.

Kevin Chandler, 30, was captured about 10:45 a.m. in a Lawrence home, an Indianapolis suburb, by police acting on an anonymous tip from a woman.

Officers met no resistance when they arrived to arrest him, said Sgt. Dale Horstman of the Speedway Police Department.

Speedway Police have charged Chandler with attempted murder and aggravated battery in the attack on his son, Devon Chandler.

Chandler was taken to the Lawrence police station and likely would be transferred to downtown Indianapolis to be booked, Speedway police said.

Police say Chandler stabbed Devon and then dumped the boy out the window of the parked car and onto the pavement Wednesday night. Devon was conscious and the knife was still in his back when he was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The baby underwent surgery at Riley Hospital for Children and was recovering in good condition Friday, police said.

Police believe the incident occurred as Chandler and the boy's mother, Angela Limbrock, were preparing to leave Limbrock's apartment in Speedway, on the west side of Indianapolis, to visit a friend.

The couple were arguing before Limbrock realized the child's car seat was still inside. She handed the baby to Chandler, who was in the back seat, and went to retrieve the seat.

As she got out of the car, she heard Chandler swear at the child and turned around to see him throw Devon out, according to a police report.

Chandler fled the scene, sparking a search that included the FBI and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Limbrock and Chandler, who are not married and do not live together, have two children. Their other child, a 5-year-old boy, was in the car with Chandler at the time of the attack but escaped before his father drove off.

Chandler has been arrested several times for crimes including domestic battery, auto theft and driving while intoxicated, records show. He served time in an Indiana prison for cocaine possession and carrying an unlicensed firearm near school property, records show.

In 2005, police arrested Chandler after he allegedly kicked Limbrock in the head and body.

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