Women With Bigger Behinds Were All the Stone Age Rage, Scientists Say

"Baby Got Back" may have been a smash hit song in the early 1990s, but researchers say the song might have been wildly popular some 15,000 years ago as well.

Carvings found in Poland from Stone Age Europe show that prehistoric women with curvy figures and a prominent posterior were revered, according to a report in London's Daily Express.

“The engravings and figurines adhere to a style depicting feminine silhouettes with over-represented buttocks," Romuald Schild, of the Polish Academy of Sciences, who led the dig, told the Daily Express.

The Kate Mosses of the era, researches said, were ignored by men looking for a mate. An overdeveloped derriere were signs that a woman was wealthy, healthy and had a good diet, a sign that her mate was a good hunter. She would also be a good mother and be fertile, the report said.

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