Father Drops Dead at Daughter's Wedding Reception

On the most important day of her life, one bride's joy turned to tragedy as her father suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack at her wedding reception, reported U.K.'s Mirror.

David Cowpe proudly walked his daughter Stephanie down the aisle at her romantic church wedding before suddenly falling prey to a suspected heart attack, according to the Mirror.

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After the wedding, 57-year-old Cowpe sat waiting to make a speech and give the requisite toast to his daughter and her new husband when he suddenly collapsed on Stephanie's shoulder.

The new bride reportedly tried to revive her father, and a wedding guest attempted to give him a heart massage, but it was too late. By the time paramedics arrived, Cowpe was dead.

One of the guests present at the hotel reception said yesterday: "David was sat next to the bride on the top table when he slumped forward. He went down so quickly. Stephanie tried to help him and so did others.

"There was a moment while everyone realized what was happening before someone started pumping up and down on his chest.

"It's unbelievable that something like this could happen at a wedding, I can't imagine how Stephanie must feel."