Michigan Woman Allegedly Lived With Dead Roommate for Up to 3 Weeks

A 28-year-old woman may have kept the body of her roommate in their apartment for up to three weeks, police said. An anonymous caller told police in Wayne County's Canton Township on Tuesday night that the woman was living in the apartment with her dead roommate.

"Our detectives knocked at the door and the woman opened it and there is that odor, and you know right away what it is," Detective Rick Pomorski told The Detroit News.

The body of the woman, believed to be in her 20s, was found covered by items of clothing on the living room floor. The 28-year-old tenant was cooperative with police and accompanied them to headquarters for questioning. She is not under arrest, Pomorski said.

"She knew her roommate was there lying on the living room floor," the detective said. "She did give us a story as to her reasonings. We are hesitant to detail that now. We will be piecing everything together and expect to have better answers when we hear from the medical examiner."

Police said they tentatively identified the victim, but declined to release a name.