Fast Facts: Pakistan's Tribal Areas

Tribal areas in Pakistan

· The tribal lands in Pakistan are known as Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

· The semi-autonomous tribal lands consist of seven parts called "agencies."

· As many as 300 madrassas, or Muslim schools, operate in tribal areas.

· Historically, Islamabad has exercised limited authority over the tribal agencies.

· The tribal lands joined Pakistan rather than India after the former gained independence in 1947.

Miramshah Agreement

Following 9/11, 80,000 Pakistani troops were deployed along the Pakistani-Afghan border.

September 2006: The Pakistani government reached a peace treaty called the Miramshah Agreement with North Waziristan tribal leaders and members of the Taliban.

As part of the accords, Islamabad withdrew the troops fromthe border, released 165 militants, agreed to economically compensate tribe members for their losses, and allowed residents to continue carrying small weapons.

In return, tribal leaders said they would stop the infiltration of militants across the Afghan border and prevent attacks on the military.

Source: Council on Foreign Relations