Cemetery Urination Costs Iowa TV Cameraman His Job

A TV cameraman lost his job recently after urinating in an Iowa cemetery while covering the funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq.

The Des Moines Register reported Monday that Gerry Edwards of Center Point, Iowa, was fired in December by KGAN-TV, where he had worked as a photographer for 24 years.

Edwards was covering the November funeral of Sgt. James Musack, 23, of Riverside, Iowa, when he urinated behind a cemetery monument.

A journalist from a local newspaper photographed the incident and sent it in an e-mail to the television station, which gave Edwards the option of resigning or being fired for the offense. Edwards was fired.

"I feel like I did nothing wrong except take care of business," Edwards told the paper. "If I went in my pants, that would be really unprofessional. If anybody saw me, you know, walking around — it would have froze. So I'd have icy urine on my pants."

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