Pop Tarts: Britney Spears Boozes in Borrowed Bikini

In the “Crazy” world of Britney Spears, it seems the bald beauty is desperate for friends. And swimwear.

According to Us Weekly, Brit went on a weird weekend retreat before re-checking into the exclusive Promises rehab facility.

The former pop princess tried to get into L.A.'s Mondrian Hotel on Feb. 17, but was turned away because she had no credit cards or cash. But the perennial party girl wasn’t going away quietly, so she stripped down to her bra and undies poolside and then shaved her legs in the communal bathroom.

“It was sad,” a source told the mag. “It looked like she really needed a friend.”

For once, Britney got “Lucky” and found some gal pals to hang with — for a little while at least.

She chatted with a woman in the ladies’ who offered the starlet a bathing suit, and proceeded to join her new posse of girlfriends in a hotel room for some cocktails from the minibar.

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“She grabbed four or five bottles and just started mixing everything and drinking them,” the source told Us Weekly.

But Britney may have more friends then she is letting on.

Former flame Justin Timberlake is among the stars offering their support to the depressed diva. Insiders claim that Timberlake called Spears’ new rehab residence and left a personal message for Britney.

"He wished her the best and told her to get healthy and come back as the Britney he knew," a source confided to Life & Style Magazine.

Although Brit is not permitted to take personal calls, fellow musicians Pink and Mary J. Blige have also reportedly left messages of encouragement for the troubled mom.

Miss Spears needs all the support she can get right now, considering she has an entire wing to herself at Promises, according to transworldnews.com. The pop star apparently doesn't want to mingle with other rehab patients, and she's afraid of stories and photos leaking to the media.

On Wednesday night, Brit left rehab briefly for more rehab — in the form of an AA meeting in Santa Monica, TMZ reported. She wore a wig under a brown hat and was all smiles.

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Meanwhile, reports surfaced this week that there's a special Britney rehab doll out for sale on eBay — complete with bald head and strait jacket.

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Victoria's Secret Supermodels Get Down and Dirty

There is nothing “angelic” about Victoria's sexpot supermodels, with the busty beauties raising temperatures across the world.

Uber-hot Brazilian Adriana Lima was snapped getting her groove on in her homeland for Carnival, proving to be popular with the paparazzi.

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And with all the publicity surrounding her boy Tom Brady’s surprise induction into fatherhood, our other fave Brazilian bombshell, Gisele Bundchen, was able to de-stress with as many French pastries, cakes and breads as she desired.

Gisele and Tom spent a week canoodling in Paris, with Miss Bundchen heading the Dolce and Gabbana Show in Milan last week. But according to Brazilian gossip site Glamurama, Gisele had to pack on 14 pounds in order to grace the Italian catwalk.

Bundchen’s extra (somewhat invisible) padding and Brady’s bonus publicity hasn’t hampered the love affair, with the couple caught kissing all over Rome.

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And for any New Yorkers feeling the cold yesterday, they were sure to be warmed up a notch if they were anywhere near the rest of the Angels clan, who were showing off the new line of “Secret Embrace” Bras by Victoria’s Secret.

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Changing Diapers Makes Jake Gyllenhaal Gag

“Brokeback Mountain” star Jake Gyllenhaal isn't the strong cowboy type in real life — at least when it comes to poopy diapers.

According to WENN, the "Zodiac" actor desperately wanted to prove his paternal nature while caring for his sister Maggie’s newborn Ramona, but became nauseous when he tried to change the baby.

"I'm an uncle. It's great. It's amazing — except for the diaper-changing, which I did once and will never go back to again until it is my own child,” he confessed.

The young actor admitted to putting Ramona on the change table, unknotting the organic diaper and … gagging.

“I (was gagging) and handed her back!" he exclaimed.

Reese Witherspoon Stopped By Cops, Sweet-talks Her Way Out Of Ticket

Southern belle Reese Witherspoon “walked the line” of the law recently by doing an illegal U-turn in the Hollywood Hills.

According to X17 Online, the actress turned “Legally Blonde” and was able to sweet-talk the officer out of a fine. What a talent.

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Perhaps her newfound friendship with the “Sexiest Man Alive” George Clooney has put the sparkle back in her smile.

The dramatic duet was spotted getting cozy while dining and drinking at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

"One of George's friends thinks that he may be interested in getting together with Reese now that she's single," an insider told In Touch Weekly.

Reese undeniably added to the Oscars' elegance on Sunday evening, but her own taste in men remains debatable.

“I like your hairdo,” she exclaimed to the newly bald Jack Nicholson, U.K.'s Metro reported. “You’re bringing sexy back!”


Britney May Suffer From Postpartum Blues

Troubled Britney Spears' wild antics may be rooted in postpartum depression, which doctors believe she's suffering from, according to a report in TMZ.com.

Citing unidentified sources, the celebrity gossip Web site said Tuesday that doctors at Brit's rehab clinic think the underlying cause of her recent out-of-control behavior — which culminated with the bald pop princess' attack on an SUV with an umbrella — could be postpartum depression or possibly bipolar disorder.

They "strongly believe" the former is the problem, TMZ.com reported.

Doctors theorize that binge drinking is Britney's way of dealing with the larger issue, according to TMZ.com, though one source tells the site: "No doubt about it — she likes to drink."

Us Weekly is reporting in its current issue that no one can get through to Spears these days. Quoting insiders and ex-staffers, Us says Brit is suffering not only from drug and alcohol addiction but also from self-hatred and loneliness.

That jives with what TMZ.com reports Spears' doctors are saying — that the pop tart feels as though she's lost control of her life.

Spears seems to be sticking with rehab at the exclusive Promises facility in Malibu this third time around and is reading Brooke Shields' "Down Came the Rain," according to TMZ.com, in which Shields writes about her own struggles with postpartum depression.

Meanwhile, K-Fed sure is playing his cards right, visiting his estranged wife in rehab, U.K.'s Sunday Mirror reported.

Federline visited Brit on Friday. The “rapper” is lying low in hopes of securing full custody of their children, 18-month-old Sean Preston and 5-month-old Jayden James, according to the paper.

On Saturday night, Brit's mom, Lynne, came with the two kids in tow, Us Weekly reported.

In other Britney news, her insta-hubby, Jason Alexander, has expressed concern that his ex's wild ways will turn her into the next Anna Nicole Smith, he told the Mirror.

"I have never said anything about Britney and drugs before, but I am very, very concerned about her," he told the paper. "She needs help."

"I don't want to see her life come to an end. I am really worried that she will wind up like Anna Nicole Smith and be found dead."

Alexander also suggested that Spears has been hitting cocaine cocktails for some time.

"We used ecstasy at night to party and cocaine during the day to stay awake,” he confessed to the Mirror. “Then we would take downers like Valium or Vicodin to come down and rest.”

Let’s just hope that our pop princess is “Lucky” enough to make a bold recovery.

Mission Impossible: Katie Can’t Be Photographed Without Tom

As TomKat graced the red carpet at the Oscars, it became apparent once again that young Katie Holmes just can’t fly solo and always needs her “Top Gun” hubby, Tom Cruise, to take charge.

According to pr-inside.com and bangshowbiz.biz, Tom was happily “cruisin’” down on Highland and Hollywood, urging paparazzi to take photos of his beautiful wife. However, at a post-Oscars party at Hollywood’s Morton's Restaurant, the former Joey Potter from "Dawson's Creek" refused to detach herself from her husband’s hip and be snapped standing alone.

“She [Katie] looks at him for direction,” an eyewitness revealed.

Tom allegedly had to hold Katie’s hand the entire evening, dragging her around while he chatted to the media and she stood silently waiting for him to finish conversations.

Eventually, the 28-year-old starlet gave in to 44-year-old Tom’s pleas for her to pose solo.

The dazzling duo danced and drank the night away with a smorgasbord of superstars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Helen Mirren, Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Sean 'Diddy' Combs.

Quiet Katie will always be Holmes Sweet Holmes, as she also expressed her love for motherhood at last week’s Giorgio Armani Prive fashion show in Beverly Hills.

“I love it! Suri is doing really, really well. I feel so honored to be her mom,” she confessed to bangshowbiz.

And if you’re wondering how the brunette beauty got her pre-baby body back so quickly, her tip was “lots of walking.”

Or perhaps Holmes has just been spending too much time with “Skinny Spice” Victoria Beckham.

The U.K.'s The People magazine revealed that Hollywood’s latest resident (accompanied by Katie, of course) caused a stir when she arrived bra-free at Koi restaurant over the weekend.

John Legend Wants to Make Music With Paris Hilton

It appears as though some stars really are blind.

The sex symbol of soul, John Legend has told British Star Magazine of his desire to record a duo with Barbie-like blonde Paris Hilton.

“I'd do a song with her. It would be an interesting experience,” he confessed.

While Legend says he shares Paris’ love for style and fashion, he won’t be bonding with her in the way she might like best.

"I'm moderately interested in fashion and I think I have good taste, so I do have a certain influence over my style — but I don't love shopping!" he said.

Meanwhile, the hotel heiress was dealt a drunken birthday surprise while celebrating the big 26 at Prime Grill on Rodeo Drive. The son of an oil tycoon and “friend” of the Hilton clan, Brandon Davis, apparently downed too many cocktails and started abusing Paris’ posse with lewd behavior.

According to The New York Daily News, the first victim was “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul.

“He was hurling flowers and pieces of foam at her. He then started speaking gibberish in an Arabic accent, mocking her Syrian ancestry,” a source told the paper.

Paula had apparently planned to sing "Happy Birthday" to Paris but was so offended, she left the bash early.

He then turned his attentions, or rather affections, to Courtney Love by lifting her up and simulating sex with her in front of Love’s 14-year-old daughter. Disgusted, Love stormed out of the eatery.

Davis continued his drunken destruction by knocking over candles and glasses before finally being taken away by security.

A tearful Paris took the party back to her pad, and when Brandon tried to gain entry he was refused.

Nobody Wants to Bend It Like Beckham

L.A Galaxy may have paid $250 million to import the British soccer star, but nobody wants any firsthand tips.

A private coaching session with David Beckham embarrassingly received the lowest bid at Sir Elton John’s post-Oscar Party on Sunday night, according to The New York Post's Page Six.

While most of the auction items attracted six-figure bids, thanks to the talents of auction veteran Sharon Stone, the idea of kickin’ it with Becks only sold for $70,000.

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