Oh Naked Con Artist! Gucci Wants a Word With You

The counterfeiting of luxury goods is on the rise worldwide, but in Switzerland, the latest fakes are advertisements.

A con artist with model aspirations has bilked publications into printing a fake Gucci ad featuring the young man, the Zurich paper Blick reports.

The full-color two-page spread, showing the naked bearded man gazing intently into the camera, had Blick musing: "Wondering who the pretty boy in the new Gucci ad is? Gucci is too."

Click here to see the fake Gucci ad.

The man posed as a public-relations rep for the Italian luxury brand to get the faux perfume ad into the latest issue of SonntagsZeitung, run by one of Switzerland's largest publishing houses, Blick said. The man is believed to go by the aliases Watson and Casilla.

Christoph Zimmer, a spokesman for the newspaper, said the man asked the $49,100 bill be sent to Gucci.

"We've spoken to Gucci and apologized for the mistake," Zimmer told The Associated Press. "We're going to try and get the money back from this guy, but we don't rate our chances."

A free daily called Today also published the ad, Blick reported.

The man is under investigation for previous cases of fraud in the Swiss state of Basel. In the past, the con man has tried to pass himself off as Puerto Rican singer Chayanne, Blick said.

Fudge! Fjuckby, Sweden, Will Keep Its Name

The residents of Fjuckby are doubly cursed.

Their name is rude in both English and Swedish, and now Sweden's Institute of Language and Folklore refuses to allow the town to revert to the more genteel name of Fjukeby, the Local reported Tuesday.

Only a fourth of the village's 60 residents voiced support for the name change, so the institute refused to allow the change.

"There should not be any doubt at all that, as a result of relatively new associations, the pronunciation and spelling of the place name 'Fjuckby' today arouses ridicule, teasing and hilarity in the general public," resident Katrina Flensburg wrote in a letter to the institute.

"This regrettable fact engenders feelings of weariness, embarrassment and conditioned shame among villagers, who are often forced against their will to take a tiresome 'defensive stance' with regard to the name of their home town," she continued.

Looks like Fjuckby will continue to be the butt of all the jokes.

Britain Plans 'Dr. Who' Military Defense

Somebody's been watching too much "Dr. Who" at Britain's Ministry of Defense.

Military officials in the mid-1990s explored using alien technology to defend the British Empire, the Guardian reports.

The out-of-this-world revelation comes with the release of classified documents from Project Condign, a three-year investigation into UFOs over the kingdom's skies.

"If reports are taken at face value then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems, they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy," wrote one of the project's scientists. "I suggest that we could use this technology, if it exists."

A secret branch of the military dubbed DI55 began investigating the UFOs in 1993, the paper said.

"If the sightings are of devices not of the Earth, then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority," one analyst theorized. "Possibilities are: 1 Military reconnaissance. 2 Scientific. 3 Tourism."

No word yet on whether they've figured out how to build a TARDIS time machine.

FedEx Makes a Very, Very Special Delivery

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Workers at a downtown boutique called police after unexpectedly receiving two buckets of marijuana worth $90,000.

Police were called to Fusion on Saturday after employees received the two packages of marijuana totaling about 20 pounds.

"Officers received a call that the manager of the store had received a package from FedEx and when he opened it there was a five-gallon bucket inside," said Capt. Chris Werner. Inside that bucket was 10 pounds of marijuana. The second package arrived about an hour later, this one from a different delivery service but with similar contents.

Both packages were from California and addressed to the store, but there were no names on the address labels.

"It was obviously intended for someone in the Philadelphia area," Werner said. "We are trying to find out who."

Now That's a Whopper!

CLEARFIELD, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania restaurant thinks it has a winner. A Guinness World Record winner, that is.

Chefs at the Clearfield eatery said they've created the world's largest hamburger, all ready to order right off the menu.

Weighing in at 123 pounds, this whopper features an 80-pound beef patty, a 30-pound bun, 12 tomatoes and 160 slices of cheese. Denny's Beer Barrel Pub also throws on a pound each of lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayo — and up to five onions.

The menu price for the Beer Barrel Main Event Charity Burger comes to $379.

The pub planned to submit paperwork to Guinness World Records Tuesday.

'Idiot' Last One Laughing With Cool $800,000

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Ed O'Neill's bank account just got a lot bigger, thanks to a co-worker who told him some "idiot" hasn't claimed an $800,000 Powerball lottery prize.

O'Neill, 58, who works for the Clinton Chamber of Commerce, bought the ticket for a Jan. 6 Powerball drawing. He told Iowa Lottery staffers he didn't think to check the results until a couple days afterward, when a chamber receptionist pointed out an article in the local newspaper.

"She said, 'Read this article about the idiot that hasn't claimed his ticket.' So I read it and noticed where the ticket was bought," O'Neill said. "I thought, 'Gee, I better look at my ticket.' That's when I said, 'I think I won."'

Then he called his wife, Diane, 58, who thought he was pulling a prank.

O'Neill said his wife told him to "quit horsing around. I'm watching Oprah."

O'Neill countered: "No really, Diane. I won."

Hysteria soon ensued as Diane realized he wasn't joking.

On Monday, the couple cashed in the ticket at the lottery headquarters in Des Moines, but not before meeting with an accountant and planning how to handle the winnings.

"There's a lot of responsibility that comes with that kind of money," O'Neill said.

O'Neill won by matching five white balls in the Powerball game. He also had purchased the Power Play option, multiplying a $200,000 prize by four.

After taxes, the couple will get about $560,000 — much of which will go to pay off their mortgage, pay off their children's mortgages and save for retirement.

There will be a little left for fun, too. O'Neill said he and his wife are planning a trip to Ireland.

They also plan to donate money to Prince of Peace Catholic Parish in Clinton to help pay for construction of another church.

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Sara Bonisteel.

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