What's Really Behind Controversial Jesus Claims

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Jesus is in for some major debunking this week on the Discovery Channel. The TV network and Hollywood film director James Cameron and a Toronto filmmaker have cooked up a documentary revealing the discovery of the coffin of Jesus of Nazareth, his wife Mary Magdalene, his mother Mary and his son Judah.

More impressive than mere name-dropping, the documentary trots out DNA science to prove they could be right. Science can't prove they are right, but it evidently proves there is a long-shot chance they might be right.

What all this means, of course, is that Jesus was married, he had a son, he died and was buried. In just one sentence then the filmmakers have debunked the entire New Testament.

There aren't supposed to be any bones of Jesus around. After all, he ascended to heaven, didn't he? Well, yes that is the history billions of Christians have believed true, and, in fact, the documentary doesn't much debunk that history because no bones were found in these boxes, called ossuaries.

But DNA evidence pulled from the bone boxes suggest that there was a husband and a wife buried there. The inference is that the box inscribed "Jesus, son of Joseph" must be the husband of the DNA in another box and the father of somebody called Judah in another box. By this logic the filmmakers debunk Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and all the rest.

Scientists are now weighing in. Most say what a load of crap. These burial boxes were from a middle class Jerusalem family of the First Century and — hold on to your hats, kids — these were very common names. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Judah. Common names.

What's really going on here is making money. Jesus sells big these days, especially anything debunking 2,000 years of the history of Jesus Christ.

So Dan Brown makes millions with the "Da Vinci Code" saying Jesus had a daughter. Now someone else is going for the gold saying Jesus had a son.

There's a certain symmetry here, wouldn't you say?

That's My Word.

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