Dear Mexico...

Dearest Mexico:

It has come to our attention that some Americans have strayed 10 yards across the border into your nation. We completely understand the aggravation and imposition placed on you by the thoughtlessness of these individuals. Perhaps they did not realize what a financial, cultural, social and linguistic strain these 10 yards posed to your people.

We have names, and thanks to you, we have the photos and video of the perpetrators. And they WILL be held accountable and made examples of. They will be made to understand how crossing this border illegally could potentially cost your government billions of dollars in education, medical care, welfare, incarceration...oh, no WAIT!

This is where you need to apologize to us! You see, these Americans you keep complaining about DID stray onto YOUR land...but only because they were building a FENCE to keep YOUR people out of OUR country.

It is, in fact, YOUR duty to apologize for the thousands of Mexican citizens that WE photograph, videotape, and rarely are able to catch crossing our borders illegally on a DAILY BASIS. But we don't just want your apologies. We want you to do something to keep your citizens within their own country. Or at the very least, compensate us for the billions of dollars a year that is siphoned away from our own people to support yours.

Our workers would better be put to work building schools, repairing roads, and maintaining our infrastructure. If you feel that put upon that they are at our border, take care of your own problems and they will magically disappear.

We feel your pain over 10 yards. Imagine our pain over thousands of MILES. And luckily for you, these American workers aren't demanding jobs, health care, education, medication, and support of their children and families. We take care of our own people.

If you would like to respond to any of these points, please contact me here at Fox News Talk.

Lo más sinceramente posible,

Spencer Hughes

Fox a través de América