Dannielynn Smith's Attorney: Funeral for Anna Won't Happen Before Tuesday

Anna Nicole Smith's funeral will not take place before Tuesday, the court-appointed attorney for the starlet's baby daughter said Saturday.

In a news release from a public relations company, Richard C. Milstein said he was working as quickly as possible to work out the details of the funeral for the 39-year-old former Playboy centerfold, who died in a Florida hotel Feb. 8.

Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin ruled Thursday to let Milstein, the court-appointed attorney for 5-month old Danielynn, decide where to bury Smith. Milstein chose the Bahamas, as Smith's companion Howard K. Stern had said Smith wanted.

But Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, filed an emergency motion Friday asking Seidlin to reconsider his decision. It was not immediately known when Seidlin would rule on the emergency motion.

It was also unclear Saturday when another Florida judge would rule on whether he has jurisdiction over in the dispute over who fathered the daughter.

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Stern and two other men claim they are Danielynn's father. Los Angeles-based photographer Larry Birkhead wants the Fort Lauderdale court to enforce a California judge's orders so he can get DNA samples from Smith's body and the baby. Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, also says he may be the father.

Earlier Friday, another judge doubted he had jurisdiction in the dispute over who fathered 5-month-old Dannielynn. The girl's paternity and custody case goes back to the Bahamas on Monday.

Dannielynn was born and lives in the Bahamas with Howard K. Stern, Smith's boyfriend. He is listed as the father on the baby's birth certificate.

"This child is in the Bahamas. The jurisdiction is in the Bahamas," Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda said, but added he would examine relevant case law before giving a ruling "soon."

Birkhead's attorneys said they also planned to go to the Bahamas on Monday to request custody of the girl.

"I'll go anywhere I have to," Birkhead said outside the courtroom.

Birkhead's attorneys said they had sent doctors to the Bahamas to do DNA testing, and that the doctors were turned away because they did not have work permits and then were refused them.

Smith's life had long been popular with tabloids and paparazzi. The voluptuous blonde married Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II in 1994 when he was 89 and she was 26. The reality TV star had been fighting his family over his estimated $500 million fortune since his death in 1995.

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