British Prime Minister Tony Blair Secretly Interviewed a Second Time Over Cash for Honors Scandal

Shockwaves hit Britain after the discovery that Prime Minister Tony Blair was secretly interviewed a second time by authorities investigating the cash for honors scandal, the Daily Mail reported.

Police questioned Tony Blair for almost an hour over claims that his aides attempted to cover-up the affair.

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The meeting, which took place last Friday, was kept quiet until today at the request of Scotland Yard.

Concerns are rising that the administration is rapidly losing credibility, and some are hoping that Blair can be persuaded to step down.

Last December Blair became the first sitting Prime Minister to be questioned as part of a criminal investigation into claims that rich individuals who lent money to fund the Labour party's 2005 General Election campaign were later nominated for honors.

"Many members of the Labour party are finding these episodes deeply embarrassing and very damaging," said left-wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last night. "The sooner that Tony Blair sets a date for his departure, the better for all of us."