Woman Gives Birth in Just Four Minutes!

4-Minute Baby

Having children is wonderful, but being in labor can be less than pleasant. One Missouri woman had the dream delivery of pregnant women everywhere. Christina Palczynksi’s water broke and within four minutes little Mary Ellen was born. Palczynksi’s husband dialed 911 and the operator walked him through delivering his daughter right on the kitchen floor. The family never expected such a speedy delivery, especially after Christina’s last child kept her in labor for 19 hours. Mother and baby were brought to a local hospital minutes after the delivery and are said to be in good condition.

Border Shooting

The shooting death of an illegal immigrant at the Arizona-Mexico border is still surrounded by controversy. The shooting took place two weeks ago, and the border agent involved in the shooting may now face murder charges. The new development in the story is border patrol officers are blaming their boss for the way the investigation was handled. The complaint is that Mexican officials were allowed access to witnesses of the shooting. The accusing officers feel their commanding officer’s decision to grant permission to the Mexican officials was a breach of protocol.

Mattress Health

Dr. Manny was on my show today teaching us how to pick the perfect mattress, and how to position our pillows to ensure a great night’s sleep. For more information on this topic look for my article on www.foxnews.com/health

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