Police Investigate Report That Hells Angels Beat Up 52-Year-Old Woman in NYC

Police helicopters circled overhead, sharpshooters were stationed on nearby roofs and officers were armed for a siege after a report that a woman might have been beaten at a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

The confrontation in Manhattan's East Village ended after several hours with no violence and no arrests.

The woman was found unconscious outside the motorcycle club's building late Sunday, police said. Roberta Shalady, 52, of Brooklyn, was hospitalized in serious condition with a head injury and bruising around the eyes, police said.

After witnesses reported seeing the woman being thrown out of the clubhouse, police detectives aided by heavily armed Emergency Service Unit officers went to the club early Monday with a search warrant to look for evidence of an assault.

After several hours, as police prepared to raid the club, a Hells Angels official arrived, examined the warrant and invited them inside.

An attorney for the Hells Angels said police overreacted.

"The helicopters, the SWAT teams, the boys and all the toys, the armored personnel carrier — I think it's a little much," said Ron Kuby, the attorney.

Police said Tuesday there were no immediate arrests, but the investigation was ongoing.

Shalady was in stable condition Tuesday, Bellevue Hospital Center officials said.