Michigan Man With Mannequin Fetish Sentenced for Breaking Storefront Windows

A man with an acknowledged sexual fetish for female-shaped mannequins has been sentenced to prison after repeatedly breaking into storefront windows.

Ronald Dotson, 39, of Detroit, who admitted he was sexually aroused by the mannequins, was sentenced Thursday to 18 months to 30 years.

Dotson is unemployed and has lived with his parents most of his life.

He was arrested in October, shortly after being paroled for his sixth conviction in 13 years. Police spotted him near a smashed storefront window in Royal Oak which contained a mannequin wearing a French maid's outfit.

In some cases he stole the mannequins, the Detroit Free Press reported. Police once found him in an alley behind a women's clothing store with three mannequins dressed in lingerie, it said.

"I've never been able to take care of myself," Dotson told Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Denise Langford Morris as she sentenced him.

Morris acknowledged Dotson had never assaulted a person but said his behavior "strikes fear in the community."

Defense attorney Edward Cohn said Dotson lacked social skills "but is a very good person. He would never hurt anybody."