Toddler Tossed

Hi Everyone!

We had a lot of lively discussion on our show this morning! How about that 3-year-old little girl thrown off the AirTrain Airways flight the other day for having a tantrum and not sitting in her seat with her belt buckled?

Turns out, the parents and the child were all thrown off the airplane after 15 minutes of trying to get the child to sit in her own seat. The airline reimbursed the family for their tickets and gave them 3 round-trip tickets to any destination the airline flies to.

But what should have happened? It was 2 to 1 on the set. Steve and I felt the airline did the right thing ...Brian supported the family! We report, you decide! More on tomorrow's show ...

Also, the real-life "War of the Roses" in Brooklyn, New York. Chana and Simon Taub are getting divorced after 21 years of marriage and a judge ruled they should stay in the same house together, but build a wall inside to keep them separated! We tried to send in psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow in to help ... but the story continues! More advice from the Doctor tomorrow ... A wall???

The Judge joined us for the 6am hour today ... welcome back Judge ... after breaking your leg! We hope you have a quick recovery!

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