Minuteman Project: Friend or Foe?

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OK, do you think the Minutemen are a terrorist organization? Me neither, but a congresswoman in Arizona does and below is her response to our inquiry is to why she would propose legislation to ban the all-volunteer group. They exist to patrol the border and Chris Simcox joined us this morning to defend his group.

Below, the further definition of the legislation:

"The purpose of the legislation is to point out that the Minutemen, and other similar vigilante groups, endanger our society and undermine legitimate law enforcement by attempting to take the law into their own hands. We have trained, professional Border Patrol and law enforcement officers at the national, state, and local levels — and they are the people we entrust to keep our country safe. We should support them as they do their jobs, and not interfere with their work or undermine their efforts.

"In addition, because of the international implications, rules of engagement and protocol are paramount. The professionals know what they should and should not do; armed amateurs do not."

That was just one element in from Tuesday's show. We also opened up with Don Shula — yes, that Don Shula from the Dolphins and Colts — whose bust can be found in Canton. We hope for a sequel when I go to the Super Bowl late next week in Miami.

The rest of the show was knee deep in politics as the full impact of Senator Clinton's entry in the 2008 race was felt. We then segued to a preview of Tuesday night's State of the Union address and the post-game show sure to feature Sens. John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and of course House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When it comes to Iraq, so much is on General David Petraeus' shoulders — it's hard to ask questions to anyone else. He was very impressive in his testimony to the Armed Services Committee today and both Democrats and Republicans seemed impressed.

Tuesday's highlight for me was to see two intellectual heavyweights on the same set — no, not Gretchen and Steve, but Dr. Manny and the Judge as Manny went through the Judge's X-rays to see how long he'd be on crutches and getting nationwide sympathy. The diagnosis won't be known until the Judge finds his insurance card and we can see if the Doc. is entitled to a co-pay.

See you tomorrow and thanks for keeping us No. 1. By the way, don't forget to pick up your copy of Doocy's, "Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook."


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