GRRR! God Bless Simon Cowell

Would that more people in this world were as honest as Simon Cowell.

Oh, boo-freaking-hoo.

Critics of all shapes and sizes are coming out as season six of "American Idol" enters its second week with commentary about how rough and tumble the "Idol" judges are this year.

But for crying out loud, are the critics watching the program with the sound on? Some of these kids are delusional, and I think it's great that at least one person has the audacity to tell the truth.

Come on, folks!

All of you critics who are sooo offended at Simon's crude honesty are the reason these morons think they can sing in the first place. I sound like a broken record here, but self-esteem cannot be granted.

It has to be earned.

Sadly, these delusional "Idol" wannabes who can't carry a tune in a bucket are the product of "yes" parents, siblings, teachers and friends who coddle their talentless associates and family members to the point where they think they're going to be the next "American Idol."

What's next, a purple ink movement in schools because red ink is too traumatizing? Oh yeah, that already happened.

It's sad.

Look kiddies, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have sold millions of albums and won Grammy and Country Music Association awards. Jennifer Hudson just won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress for "Dreamgirls," and Chris Daughtry is a bona fide rock star who did a stirring rendition of The National Anthem at the NFL-NFC championship game in Chicago over the weekend.

"American Idol" is no joke!

And critics are upset that Cowell is cruel in his critiques of the tone deaf?

Puhleez! Would all of you critics be happy if Simon sent everyone through to the next round, lest these coddled cry-babies get their wittle feelings hurt?

At least this critic would be Grrring Simon for making a mockery out of a pop-culture phenomenon that has produced really, really good talent if he did.

Get over it people. Cowell is mean because he has to be. He's the last guy standing in the culture war that has been festering and bringing this country down.

Tough love is just that: Tough.

But at least these kids who have finally heard the truth might finally be free to move on to some other dream that they might actually make come true.

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