Tom Cruise Holds Court at Golden Globes

Tom Cruise Holds Court at Golden Globes | Moby Producing 'Phantom' Star | Overboard: Show-Biz Syndication Synergy

Tom Cruise Holds Court at Golden Globes

What a strange night followed the Golden Globes. But maybe it couldn’t be avoided, since the show itself — the part you don’t see on TV — was so completely weird.

For example, why was Tom Hanks seated at a C-list table with actress Chloe Sevigny instead of with best pal Steven Spielberg?

Even more curious, why wasn’t Hanks at the same table with Warren Beatty, for whom he gave the odd living eulogy that preceded Beatty’s filibuster acceptance speech?

“He was with two guys, and they were at a pretty bad table,” reports my ballroom observer.

At least Hanks didn’t resort to pouring personal substances from a flask into existing liquids at the table. That’s what William H. Macy was seen doing while his wife, Felicity Huffman, was waiting to present an award and lose the Best Actress in a TV comedy prize. The couple is too good for this nonsense, and Macy knows it.

But those were the Golden Globes, which are built on secrecy and exclusion. In that spirit, Sean "Diddy" Combs arrived at the after-party given by Creative Artists Agency at the Argyle Hotel, and was promptly turned away.

Edited video of this moment is already on the Internet. But my spy at the Argyle reports that Combs arrived and was promptly told by security that his name was not on the list.

The police were actually called, and Combs eventually departed for Prince’s more welcoming shindig at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

If Combs had made it inside, he would have seen that the party was actually a heavily guarded refuge for Hollywood’s newest and strangest assemblage of weirdly grouped friends: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, fellow Scientologist Leah Remini and her husband, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham sans her soccer-playing husband, David Beckham, who’s stuck in Spain.

“Everyone kept coming up to Tom all night,” an observer says. “He was having a great time. Katie barely said a word all night to anyone and spent a lot of time rubbing his back. She is very weird.”

To make the situation inside the Sunset Tower even weirder, Nicole Kidman and just-released-from-rehab husband Keith Urban were on the other side of the room. Luckily, these rearranged spouses did not run into each other, but only skillful choreography prevented a disaster.

Meanwhile, a tense moment occurred when Anthony, who has spent the last couple of years re-shaping wife Lopez’s image from diva to doll, got into a heated exchange with a CAA agent who works with his wife.

Frankly, Diddy should be happy he missed all this. Later, when the Cruise Co. moved over to the Prince party, the diminutive genius asked Anthony to sing with his band.

“He didn’t want to,” a spy says, “and when he did, Jennifer was dancing up a storm, which I don’t think he liked, either.”

Through all of this, Holmes said nary a word.

The Diddy incident at the Argyle, though, remains a sore point. Combs had had a good moment at the Globes show as a presenter. A friend of his told me, “He was really pleased and honored to be with all those actors. It humbled him, and Sean is not easily humbled.”

The hip-hop entrepreneur was embraced at the Prince party — I’ve seen the pictures — but downstairs at the Beverly Wilshire things were almost as weird as at the Argyle.

When newly minted Best Actor winner Forest Whitaker arrived with a group of about seven, he was impolitely told he was only allowed one guest.

Whitaker, a gentleman, declined, and skipped the Prince affair. He took his group into the hotel bar. Give this man an Oscar!

Moby Producing 'Phantom' Star

Emmy Rossum, the 20-year-old star of the movie version of "Phantom of the Opera," is making her first record album. It’s for Geffen Records, and Moby — the techno pop genius — is producing it.

Most of the recording is taking place in New York, with Rossum having written all the songs. The self-titled CD, I am told, will be released in late summer.

Rossum is a beauty with brains, so her songs should be pretty interesting. And she’ll be a natural for videos.

This makes the second time we’ve announced that a starlet is making a foray into pop music this year. In September I told you that Scarlett Johansson was covering an album of Tom Waits songs for Rhino.

Overboard: Show-Biz Syndication Synergy

All you have to do is watch the evening entertainment shows for a few minutes before a huge headache sets in. Most of what they say is utter nonsense, dressed up in some cases with a small dose of reality.

But their coverage of the Globes was hilarious. “Entertainment Tonight,” owned by Viacom, is busy flogging “Dreamgirls,” a Paramount film every which way. They’ve even named a contest for this new phase. But no one mentions that Viacom also owns Paramount, and the promotion borders on problematic.

At the same time, both "Extra" and "Access Hollywood" are connected to Warner Bros, and NBC. InStyle, the magazine, is also owned by TimeWarner, as is Warner Studios. So those two shows are now bearing the brunt of cross promoting the InStyle party, plus Time Warner’s other interests.

Again, no mention why "Access" and "Extra" have such extraordinary access to the stars. They’re essentially shilling for corporate cousins. Yeow!