Bush Haters' 'Derangement Syndrome'

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Give credit where credit is due. Charles Krauthammer gave it a name, even though we all knew what it was before he named it.

It is a psychological condition that makes people who are otherwise somewhat rationale and cognitive go completely nuts and start babbling incoherencies. Krauthammer called it "Bush Derangement Syndrome." BDS for short.

Bush haters might think it's a condition describing the president himself, that he's deranged. But no, this is about the Bush haters themselves and the way they go round the bend about any subject at all if there is any way to connect George Bush to it.

For instance, 9/11. Bush Derangement Syndrome has evidently infected a great number of Americans. How else to explain the fact that a high percentage of us believe that George W. Bush had something to do with the attacks of 9/11. These are people who find cover-ups everywhere, and find facts that don't add up everywhere, and believe the trail of crumbs leads back to no one but George W. Bush himself.

The latest permutation of this is that Bush says in a speech the other day that Iran and Syria must be held to account for what they are doing in Iraq. What they are doing is mayhem — a bunch of it. We find Iranian bombs used for IEDs in Iraq. We find Iranians organizing suicide bombers. We find them stirring up trouble against Iraqis and against Americans.

Shortly after Bush's speech American forces raided a building in Irbil, in northern Iraq, and took several Iranians into custody. The Iranians claimed they were a diplomatic embassy. The Americans think they were helping terrorists carry out attacks in Iraq.

Also, Bush has decided to surge troops into Iraq. Bush haters say: Oh my God, the American people said bring home the troops and he's sending more.

And now the Bush haters have morphed into full BDS — Bush Derangement Syndrome — and have concluded George Bush is so angry and frustrated at his political opponents he's going to attack Iran out of pure spite to saddle the next president — in their view a Democrat — with a war to somehow wiggle out of.

This is BDS in full bloom. Iran may be attacked someday and if it is it won't be out of spite. Not Bush spite or anyone else's. If Iran is attacked it will be because it poses a danger to us, or someone else.

That's My Word.

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