Two Bodies Found in South Bend, Indiana Manhole; Four Have Been Killed There This Week

A killer is on the loose in South Bend, Indiana.

Two bodies were discovered by police in a manhole near the former Studebaker industrial facilty today. On Tuesday, police discovered the bodies of two other men in the same area.

Police suspect the first two victims were homeless "scrappers," scouring an underground tunnel system near the plant for metal. The victims were identified as 40-year-old Michael Nolen, Jr. and 56-year-old Michael Lawson, the South Bend Tribune reported. The duo were killed after suffering a blow to the head. They were found just a block or two from police headquarters.

Police believe the two victims found today are connected to the two found Tuesday, and that they died in a similar fashion, according to the Tribune's report.

Police continue to search the area for more bodies and have asked nearby property owners to do the same.

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FOX News' Todd Ciganek and The South Bend Tribune contributed to this report.