Jack Murtha's Congressional Shenanigans

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In the gangsta rap world everybody goes by a nickname. A guy named Curtis Jackson is known as 50 Cent or "Fitty."

I thought of that as I read the story about Jack Murtha wanting to cut off funds for Gitmo in order to close it down by starving it of budget bucks. I thought back to that Abscam tape of Murtha sitting in front of $50,000 — a bribe — saying he wasn't going to take it yet, but he'd think about it. I call him "Fifty K," or "K Fitty" Jack Murtha.

So K Fitty is now calling Gitmo an eyesore to this country and he's going to treat it like it's a nuisance that needs to be abated by a town council. K Fitty is going to cut off the money.

Forget that Gitmo has done our country a lot of good. Subjecting the men imprisoned there to our interrogation techniques has resulted in information which has saved American lives. For instance, an attack on the Library Tower in Los Angeles was stopped with an interrogation in a CIA secret prison that was a little Gitmo in its own way.

This threat is the power of the purse that Congresspeople always talk about as their exclusive purview. And it isn't enough for K Fitty Jack Murtha to de-fund the war, now he wants to de-fund Gitmo, too. What's next, the White House dining room?

K Fitty raps: No war, no Gitmo, no torture, and no grub for the man who does. Jack Murtha says K Fitty Murtha has a solution for the Gitmo problem: "We just cut off the funds."

Now K Fitty Murtha — the guy who looked longingly at $50,000 — knows how money works for him. And the way he sees things, it's just like the rappers. It's all about the money. It's the money that changes the direction of people, and cutting it off can change the direction of the government.

I know I shouldn't be making jokes about people who have nicknames like Fifty — Fitty — and I apologize in advance to Curtis Jackson, a former drug dealer turned millionaire rapper, for mixing up his good name with congressional shenanigans like K Fitty Jack Murtha's.

That's My Word.

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