Blushing Brian

Hi everyone!

We made it through Hump Day and learned some new pronunciations today as well! We had a new hot Latin actress on the show today doing the weather and describing President Bush as 'President Boooosh.' Of course, tonight, President Boooosh will be speaking from the White House about his new plan for the war in Iraq. It will include a surge of American troops (some 20,000) as well as a new strategy to find success there. We will of course analyze the President's speech tomorrow morning on the show with a bevy of political guests.

We also found out today that Brian is a bit uncomfortable going to the 5th grade "sex" movie tonight with his son. He'll give his full review on tomorrow's show. At least he remembered some of his 7th grade Biology course, where mitochondria was discussed.

Dr. Manny's new book is out, "The Checklist." Check it out! Today we talked about kids ages 0-9. Tomorrow its kids 10-19. Obesity tops the list of major concerns to learn about.

We hope you have a wonderful day and that you'll join us again tomorrow for 'Fox & Friends.'


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