Griffs Notes 1/8/07

Maybe it’s time to start supporting Global Warming? I can’t say for sure why it was 70 degrees and sunny on the East Coast this past weekend – but I didn’t sit at home watching An Inconvenient Truth… I went surfing!

Seriously speaking, I have no idea why there were record-breaking temps up and down the Eastern United States, but I highly doubt you’ll get many complaints from anyone other than the ski resort operators. Wearing shorts, flip flops and a wet bathing suit on a warm Saturday afternoon in January isn’t exactly “roughing it” through the winter.

Today Show host Meredith Vieira expressed joy, fear and confusion this morning over the pleasant weather and wondered if it was a sign of bad things to come. She said she went running in Central Park in shorts but wondered, “This is great but are we all going to die?” (Note to NBC Execs: Meredith should not be allowed to watch or read anything by Al Gore anymore.)

According to a local meteorologist here in DC, there is no scientific indication that global warming is to blame for this strange weather pattern but rather pointed to the fact that it is an El Nino year.

Apparently, when El Nino comes to visit, he bends the jet stream in an abnormal way that brings warmer air our way and keeps colder air up North.

I don’t know who this El Nino is – but I say if he’s available to run for President in ‘08, he’d have my vote.

Of course, I am kidding about dismissing Global Warming. After all, nothing good could come from unregulated amounts of greenhouse gases being sent into the atmosphere – that’s plain common sense.

It will be very interesting too to see how Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign against Global Warming fares in his second term. In California, it made him popular with many environmentalists and businesses alike. Perhaps he can find a solution that will appeal to the entire nation as he prepares to bring this issue to Washington.

But when national network anchors deem a dose of warm sunshine to be the precursor to imminent doom, it’s time we all started figuring out what’s really going on here. We owe it to the polar bears to do so!

And don’t worry, Meredith. Those cute polar bears in the Coke commercials are going to make it.

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