Around the House: Get Organized for the New Year

With the year often comes New Years Resolutions. The Home Depot can help you with all of your Home Improvement Resolutions.

Do you spend too much time trying to find items in your closet? Whether it is the kitchen, bedroom or garage, cluttered closets can be overwhelming.

Oftentimes space is wasted and under-utilized, which leads to clutter and frustration. Effectively organizing closets can make sure items you use often are accessible and that related things are put in the same place.

The Home Depot offers a "Maximize Your Closet Space" clinic on Sundays in January to help homeowners organize their closets and choose storage solutions for every need.

Make a Plan

• Decide what your biggest organizational needs are by analyzing your space.
• Sort your items and consider how you want to store items.

Be Realistic About Your Space

• Measure the overall length of each wall and use a planning grid to record all of your measurements.
• Decide whether you need space for hanging items, shelving items or both.

Choosing a Storage System

• Choose a system that is right for you — options include wire shelving, melamine or plastic storage bins.

Use to help design your own closet and choose from a variety of pre-designed selections. A live-chat area can answer your questions online or fax the measurements of your closet to The Home Depot and a designer will send you a custom closet design within 48 hours.


• Sports Organizer Rack — $39.99
Put in your garage or wherever — shoes, any sports stuff

• Golf Organizer Rack — $39.99
For 2 sets of clubs

• Fabric Wardrobe — $49.99
Can be used for clothes or anything of your choice

• 8-Shelf Storage Bag — $9.97
Can hang in your closet, can be used for anything

• 24-Pocket Shoe Organizer — $9.97

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