Former President Clinton Makes Surprise Visit to Senate

The Clinton who turned heads in the Senate Thursday was not Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, notwithstanding all the speculation about her running for president.

Former President Clinton cheerfully called out, "Hi, everybody!" as he strolled through the Senate Press Gallery past correspondents for The Associated Press, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

He was surrounded by a security entourage, but wasn't really seeking publicity. Something more mundane, actually. A bathroom, and then the swearing in of his wife for the new 110th Congress.

Then he headed for the men's room — followed by his Secret Service agents and a cadre of reporters. The questions were obvious:

"Do you want to live in the White House again?

"I would like not to talk about it today," he said.

"Is Mrs. Clinton going to run for president?

"Ask her."

"All I know is, this is a happy day," Clinton added. "It's a great day for the largest number of women we've ever had in the Congress, a lot of new people coming in, I think it will be good. I'll be surprised if we don't see a lot of interesting, bipartisan things happening over the next six months."

And with that, Clinton made his way around to the visitors' gallery and sat down next to daughter, Chelsea. Mrs. Clinton pointed to them and waved when she appeared on the Senate floor. In turn, they led a standing ovation when she took her oath.