Cindy Sheehan Is Democrats' Problem Now

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The Democrats have taken over the Congress and by extension they also get the Iraq war. Maybe they'll do better with it than George W. Bush. We'll see.

I do know one thing that Bush is probably very happy about: The Democrats who spent the last three years demonizing him have now inherited Cindy Sheehan.

Boy wonder Rahm Emanuel led the Democrats takeover of the House. For months now, he no doubt watched TV news with undisguised pleasure as Cindy Sheehan screeched at Bush, camped in front of his ranch, and wandered around the world inventing fresh insults to throw at him.

Now she is Rahm Emanuel's problem. Welcome to the chaos of the angry left, Mr. Congressman. You used these people to whip up fervor against the war and against Bush. Congratulations. It worked. And now she is yours. She and her fellow travelers on the angry left now turn to the Democrats with their screeching that the war must stop now. What part of now don't you understand, Mr. Congressman?

As we saw yesterday, Rahm Emanuel gave up. It turns out that Democrats can't think while subjected to this din any better than Republicans. But Republicans now get to sit back and watch somebody else subjected to the noise.

Let's see if Democrats can control the people on their own team if in their hyperventilating about the war they have not only ginned up a huge headwind for George Bush, but they have reaped the whirlwind for themselves as well.

Good luck, Rahm. She's all yours now.

That's My Word.

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