Irving, Texas Considers Turning House Where Lee Harvey Oswald Kept Rifle Into Museum

The people who own a house in Irving, Texas, first figured out there was something unusual about it when they saw people driving by slowly, sometimes taking pictures of it.

It turns out it's the house where Lee Harvey Oswald stored the rifle he apparently used to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. He picked it up there the night before.

His wife, Marina, was living there in the months leading up to Kennedy's assassination in 1963. The woman who owned the house at the time also helped Oswald find a job at the Texas School Book Depository, the building from which the fatal shots were fired.

Now, city officials in Irving are considering whether to commemorate the house. They say it could be turned into a museum — or it could simply be given a plaque that spells out its significance.

Current owner Kim Short says she wouldn't object to a commemorative marker, but that she's not inclined to sell the house.