Why I Never Should Have Had Sandy Berger on 'The Big Story'

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A few weeks ago we had Sandy Berger on the show to talk about some foreign policy issue. A storm of protest from sharp-eyed viewers ensued, and I eventually got into a little e-mail spat with a guy named Joseph Campbell, who thought I should never have had Berger on until he coughs up the real deal on stealing those documents from the National Archives.

As of yesterday I have to say Campbell is right.

The final report from the inspector general of the National Archives shows Berger didn't just stuff the odd paper in his socks, he ran a dead-drop operation to get certain documents out of the National Archives before they were seen by investigators of the 9/11 Commission. The Archives has copies of everything he was caught taking, but they do not know if he stole documents in earlier visits.

So Campbell writes to me: "The guy is simply a crook and a danger to America. That's no exaggeration. It's clear that he thinks that he and the people for which he worked are 'special.' That's dangerous."

Campbell is right, and I was wrong. Wish I'd known then what I know now.

Berger's effort to cover up anti-terrorism activities in the Clinton administration strongly suggests the Clinton crowd had something to hide, something that was very embarrassing, at the very least.

What's Berger's motive? History is the merciless judge, and it is obvious there were things said, things done and not done in the Clinton administration that Sandy Berger did not want history to see.

We know what he did take: documents on the millennium terror fears and airport security. But what was taken before he was spotted thieving and kept under surveillance by Archives officials?

That is the question Sandy Berger has to ask first before anyone puts him back on the air — me especially.

That's My Word.

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