Thank you, Donald Trump!

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The Donald called in to wrap up Tuesday's show and let us know he had not yet decided if he was going to take the title of Miss USA from Tara Conner. Rumored drug use, excessive canoodling, corrupting Miss Teen USA and missing events has not yet spelled the end for Ms. Conner. Why? Because she is young, from a small town, entitled to mistakes and will plead her case this morning face-to-face. Trump is leaving the door open and we had that exclusive story. He called Monday after we asked YOU to write us on what you would do about her behavior and 95 percent agreed with Steve and Gretchen who said "Fire her!"

Great to see Tiki and Kiran too as usual for "Tiki Tuesday" and today was the first time I saw a little fatigue on the soon-to-be retired Pro Bowler. The stress of a playoff push and 4th quarter losses is taking its toll. But, by the end of the show, Tiki had that bounce back in his step — I give full credit to Kiran on that.

Our best visual had to be the pogo champion, Brian Spencer. The guy hopped onto a standing van and swears it's great exercise. Not my thing, but it may be yours — I do think it'll build leg and abs strength.

Gotta salute Doocy for his "Happy Handbook" — it's now No. 7 on the New York Times best-seller list. He's beating Denzel Washington, U2 and maybe Barack Obama next!

Did I mention I went to White House Christmas Party? Well, thanks to Greta we have a photo.


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