What Do Sens. Allen and Schumer Have in Common?

So George Allen has conceded.

He did what Chuck Schumer had asked — "the right and gentlemanly thing," concede the Virginia Senate race.

Amazing grace on the part of Senator Allen — I don't know about Senator Schumer.

I'll leave out for the moment, that official Virginia tallies now show a difference of little more than 7,000 votes out of nearly 2.5 million cast.

Chuck says George should stand down — for the good of the country, for the good of the people.

Yet, I don't recall Chuck saying Al Gore should do the same in 2000.

That was a squeaker too. But I don't remember Chuck telling Al to quit.

No talk then of doing the "gentlemanly thing," but lots of talk of doing the legal challenge thing — to the very last Chad, the very last precinct.

That race was OK to challenge, this race is not?


Because one was a Democrat and the other is a Republican?

Please. Be consistent.

If Al Gore could challenge a close vote in a state where recounts weren't automatic, certainly George Allen was within his right asking the same in a state where they are automatic.

Chuck thought so six years ago. Maybe his memory slipped. Or maybe something else has: his character.

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