Halloween Costumes Made Easy!

Sorry for the very short blog today but I wanted to get it up on the Web as soon as possible for parents (like me) who will be frantically helping their kids dress for Halloween Trick or Treating in a few hours.

The little ones were easy. We bought a Dora outfit for the 3-year-old and a car-something or other for the 2-year-old. It’s the 10 to 14 year olds that are the problem. They think they’re too old for a bought costume but they want to dress up AND look cool. So….late last night I found this website: www.costumeideazone.com
Look under the "Quick and Easy" section and you’ll be set.

My 13-year-old boy picked the “Mastercard” one. I printed out a sheet that reads:
Shoes: $30
Shirt: $40
Pants: $50
Costume requiring minimal effort: Priceless

We pinned it to his shirt front and back and he was set. He also liked the Eminem, the rapper one. And I thought for a girl and boy going out together the “E-male and Attachment” was pretty quick and clever.

I’m doing the standard witch…the kids say I don’t have to dress up for it! — Aren’t they sweet when they become teenagers????

See you tomorrow.


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