Liberals Already Preparing to Contest Elections

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Election Day. It's just a week from Tuesday.

There's already a bunch of hand-wringing and public worrying about someone stealing the election. There's a lot of vocalizing on this issue coming from the left.

For starters, you see stories in the press today about problems with voting machines in places where there is early voting. Florida, Florida, Florida is still having difficulties with people pushing a touch screen on a certain name and then the preview screen showing a vote for someone else.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean won't appear on the air with Ken Mehlman from the RNC, but he wrote Mehlman a letter asking Mehlman to pledge the Republicans won't suppress the minority vote. It is, after all, accepted wisdom that Republicans do suppress the vote, despite studies which have repeatedly shown that when democratic votes are ruled void it was reasons of ineligibility or voter fraud.

And then today The New York Times op-ed page carried a story headlined: "Remember to Vote, Hope It Counts." The authors argue against attempts to make certain that people who show up at the polls to vote are citizens and are who they say they are. Somehow that is viewed as unfair and discriminatory.

My question: Discriminatory to who? People who are unqualified to vote legally? Anybody legally allowed to vote should be able to show some rudimentary proof, shouldn't he?

In any case, the point of all this is that there are liberals and leftists and Democrats — not always the same thing, but often — who are preparing the ground to contest the election. What they're saying is: "If we don't win, the election was sabotaged or rigged."

This attitude derives from the accepted wisdom that Democrats should win this time around. If they don't there has to be a reason other than people can't bring themselves to vote as Democrat leaders want them to vote. It has to be something else. Fraud, for instance.

So hang on to your hat. If the Dems don't get a landslide, it will be recount city all over again, to be followed by highly litigious pushing and shoving in various courtrooms before various judges over who exactly won.

That's My Word.

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